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Internship in Prague

Do you want to achieve something in your life? ' Lentiamo.cz wants to be there with you!

You have probably heard that the best investment for a successful person is education? We absolutely agree with that, so we'd like to offer you the opportunity to access an international internship project where you will work under the supervision of a pan – European expert in the marketing field!

It’s a belief of all of us, that for quality education, you must go abroad. So, have you ever thought about wonderful Prague? We would like to offer you the possibility to gain experience in marketing in our capital city! Not only that Prague is a city of culture and architecture, is also a globally-recognized city of learning and commerce. It is not only the base for many established domestic businesses, but also for many international companies.

So take advantage of this unique offer from our multinational company!

Are you afraid that you do not have enough experience, courage or assertiveness? You do not have to worry! An internship in Prague is a great chance for novice candidates!

What, in your CV can look better than specialised work experience? Increasingly, employers naturally look for language skills, proactivity, practice and experience, and as you must know, the competition is huge. An Internship Program is, therefore, for them proof that you can give them huge experience, and it makes you personally confident that what you promise in your CV, you can actually deliver.

Do not hesitate to accept our offer as a new personal challenge, which you'll remember forever as a life experience and, thanks to which, you may in future, get your dream job!

You are wondering how you get more details and where you can apply? It's more than easy! Send your CV by email to: eva.varganova@lentiamo.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!